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Sprouts are seeds that have germinated and become little baby plants.

 They are grown for 2-7 days and are usually harvested when they are between 1/8 and 2 inches long. Sprouts are usually consumed raw but can also be lightly cooked. Sprouts are extremely nutrient dense and full of antioxidants and are said to help with digestion and improve heart health by lowering cholesterol.

Sprouts contain their highest concentration of nutrients about one week after germinating. If you think about it, a seed contains all the nutrients that the plant requires to grow in its early stages of life, so it makes sense that sprouts are so full of goodness. Some of the nutritive value of sprouts is lost during heating however so they are best eaten raw. There has been some debate over the safety of sprouts but when you grow your own and harvest right when you are using them, they are quite safe. Plus, what better way to eat local than that!

Sprouts are a significant source of protein, amino acids and insoluble fiber as well as folate, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, iron, manganese and vitamins C & K. They have quite an impressive list of health benefits ranging from heart health, helping with diabetes, lowering cholesterol, aiding in digestion, boosting your metabolism and strengthening your immune system.

We carry the Mumm’s brand of sprouting seeds here at Scott’s. They are produced in Canada and are certified organic as well as non-GMO. The varieties include arugula, alfalfa, beans, broccoli, buckwheat, coriander, cress, flax, mustard, radish, peas and sunflowers.

So, if you’re ready to start 2020 off on healthy note and would like to eat fresh local food – why not give sprouts a try. They are inexpensive compared to grocery store produce and you know exactly how your food has been handled before it makes its way to the table.

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