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What is it?

By definition, Hydroponics is the concept of soilless gardening by using nutrient solutions in water. Hydroponics has been around for thousands of years; from the hanging gardens in Babylon, to the floating gardens in China. You can also check out the Arizona shipping container farm reviews if you wanted to see some in-action.

How it Works!

The nutrients in a hydroponic system are mixed with water and oxygen and are sent directly to the root system. By having the roots exposed to what they need, the plant does not have to waste energy sending its roots searching through the soil looking for the nutrients. Your plant can now focus all of its energy on growing faster and producing more fruit. The growth rate is 30%-50% faster than plants growing in soil and the yield is also greater!

Hydroponics has Gone Global!

Hydroponics is growing to be more and more popular with people becoming more conscious of what they eat and where their food comes from. Businesses, large corporations and schools all over the world are starting their own hydroponic projects!

Being one of the largest hydroponic stores in the Maritimes, we have a wide selection of fertilizers and systems. We carry such brand names as: Technaflora, Optimum, Advanced Nutrients, Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Canna and many more!

Stop in and let our knowledgeable staff help you start your new indoor hydroponic garden today!

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