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Indoor Cactus Care 101 

Light: Choose the sunniest location available such as a south or west facing windowsill.

Water: Cacti thrive on summer care and winter neglect. From late spring to late summer, water
them regularly but make sure the excess water can drain freely and don’t water unless they are
quite dry to start with. By late summer you can reduce the amount and frequency of watering
and by mid-Autumn provide just enough water to prevent the plant from shrivelling.

Humidity: Cacti originate from arid regions and therefore have no requirement to be misted.
They do however enjoy fresh air during the summer months, so open those windows.

Soil: Use a mix specifically formulated for cacti and succulents as they retain less water than
most other mixes. This provides fast drainage and lessens the chances of overwatering.

Most cactus varieties will even reward you with gorgeous, bright blooms indoors if they are
happy. The natural bloom period for cacti is spring and the plants have to be 3-4 years old to be
even capable of producing flowers. It might take a little patience to get your cactus to bloom
but they really require minimal care and the reward is so worth the effort. Have fun!

Tip #1: Flowers are produced only on new growth.

Tip #2: Flowering is encouraged when the plant is slightly pot-bound.

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