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Poinsettia Perfection

Caring for Your Poinsettia with the Perfect Touch

Poinsettias are beautiful for the Christmas season and come in a variety of colours to compliment the decor around your home. They look amazing with their rich green leaves and their vibrant flowering bracts to add a splash of colour to your Christmas season.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your poinsettia with perfection.


Poinsettias can be kept as a tropical plant and will re-bloom again next year with proper care. In the spring, cut the plant back by about half. It can be placed outdoors for the summer as long as nighttime temperatures are above 55 Fahrenheit. Flowering is determined naturally by the length of darkness at night. They require 40 days of a strict light/dark regimen in order to flower. From mid-October to Dec 1st provide your poinsettia with 13-16 hours of uninterrupted darkness at night. This can be achieved by placing the plant in a dark closet every night.


When transporting your poinsettia home make sure not to chill it by keeping it wrapped and protected while transporting. Never leave it in a cold vehicle while shopping.


If you want to keep your poinsettia lush, keep it evenly watered and try not to overwater it. Your goal is to keep the soil evenly moist and you can accomplish this by watering it a couple of times a week. Try and water small amounts throughout the week versus a large amount at one time. If you overwater, you could lose some bottom leaves as a result. Never let the plant sit in standing water. After watering empty the tray of sitting water. Good drainage is essential.


A poinsettia is a tropical plant and requires even temperature. To have the most productive poinsettia, keep it away from heat sources and also in an area free of drafts.

Placement of Poinsettia

Keep your poinsettia in an area where it will receive medium to bright light for about 6 hours per day to maximize its lifespan. It’s amazing how long poinsettias will last if you give them the right environment and care. Have fun and spark up your Christmas holiday with a perfect poinsettia and its passionate colours that bring vibrance to your holiday home.

We hope you enjoy and we know you will love how a poinsettia will add to the decor and enhance your Christmas this year.

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