Shrubs are a great way to add value to your property. The selection can be overwhelming and one should consider firstly their site requirements with respect to zone, sun/shade, soil type, moisture level, and space available. The second consideration is what purpose they want the shrub to serve. Are you looking for attractive foliage, pretty flowers, berries that will attract birds, a nice scent, beautiful fall color, or to create privacy with a screen or hedge? There is surely a shrub to suit everyone’s landscape requirements, personal tastes and budget. Just be careful… it can become addictive!

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Shrub Varieties 2015 Ba-Do

Shrub Varieties 2015 Do-Hy

Shrub Varieties 2015 Hy-Li

Shrub Varieties 2015 Li-Pr

Shrub Varieties 2015 Qu-St

Shrub Varieties 2015 Su-Wi

Shrub Varieties 2015 Wi-Wi