Shade trees are not only an aesthetic investment; they can add real value to your property. In addition to providing shade to help cool your home during the hot summer, they also provide food and shelter for wildlife. Scott’s has a huge selection of shade trees available in just about every size, shape and color imaginable. There is something to suit every landscape and budget. Our staff will be happy to help you find the right tree for your yard.

For more information, read our SHADE TREE FACT SHEET 

Landscape Hardwood Varieties is a description of several common types of deciduous trees sold at the nursery.

Landscape Hardwoods Care Guide is a planting and maintenance reference for common deciduous trees.

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Plant information listed does not guarantee that a particular variety is in stock.

Shade Trees 2015 Am-Fl

Shade Trees 2015 Fl-Li

Shade Trees 2015 Li-Oa

Shade Trees 2015 Oa-Wi