We explored avenues throughout Canada on how to serve our customers better and in 1994 we incorporated the “bulk bins” area to our ever expanding business.

We now carry:

Crushed Rock – used for driveways and comes in 0?-3/4? size

Drainage Rock – large sized crushed rock used for drain tiles and comes in size 3/4?-1 1/2?

Crusher Dust – is Grey fine crushed rock ideal for pathways and for laying patio stone and it comes in 0?-3/8? size

River Rock – Decorative rock used for gardens

Pea Stone – Decorative stone used for walkways or gardens

Sand – used for children’s play areas or for laying patio stones

Colored Mulch – for mulching landscape beds

Straight Top Soil – a sandy top soil for lawns and gardens

Scott’s Premium Mixed Top Soil – a blended mix of peat, topsoil and black earth

Black Earth – a local product for growing as is or improving existing soil

Compost – Soil amendment rich in organic nutrients and beneficial organisms

These products are available in several bulk formats:

By the bag – 28L Scott’s Bag (These products you bag yourself we provide shovels)

By the Pail – 20L Scott’s Pail (These products you shovel the product yourself)

By the truck load – we can load your truck or trailer with the tractor bucket

By delivery – we will arrange delivery in the Fredericton and surrounding area for smaller convenient loads which might be used for top dressing lawns, topping beds or building new beds.


1 Yard = 2 Tractor Buckets From Our Skid Steer
1 Cubic Yard Spread To A Depth Of 12” Will Cover 27 Sq. Ft Or 2.5 Sq Meters
1 Cubic Yard Spread To A Depth Of 6” Will Cover 54 Sq. Ft Or 5 Sq Meters
1 Cubic Yard Spread To A Depth Of 3” Will Cover 108 Sq. Ft Or 10 Sq Meters
1 Cubic Yard Spread To A Depth Of 1.5” Will Cover 216 Sq. Ft Or 20 Sq Meters
1 Cubic Yard Of Mulch Spread To A Depth Of 3” Covers 108 Sq. Ft Or An Area 10’x10’

How To Figure Out How Many Yards A Person Will Need:

CUBIC YARDS = Length In Feet X Width In Feet X Height In Inches X .0031

We also carry:

Cow and Sheep Manure
River Rock
Pea stone
Potting Soil
Concrete Edging
Decorative Stepping Stones
Top Soil
Black Earth
Peat Moss
Red Brick Chips and White Marble Stone Chips
Pine Bark Nuggets and Mini Nuggets