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An annual plant is one that completes its life cycle in one year or one growing season. A seed germinates, matures, flowers to produce more seed, and then dies. Sounds depressing but these short-lived beauties are the best bet for dramatic summer-long displays of vibrant color in your garden.

The choices are endless as far as color, height, water, and sun/shade requirements go, so there is surely something to suit every gardening landscape. These versatile plants provide that quick punch of color like nothing else, whether they are planted directly in the ground or in containers.

We grow a vast selection of colorful annuals in 6 packs; 4″, 4.5″and 6″ pots; as well as various sizes of hanging baskets and planters.

Plant Information listed does not guarantee that a particular variety is in stock.

Click on the links below to view the Annuals Varieties Lists:

Annuals 2015 (4 Inch) Ac-Br

Annuals 2015 (4 Inch) Br-Do

Annuals 2015 (4 Inch) Eu-Im

Annuals 2015 (4 Inch) Im-Pe

Annuals 2015 (4 Inch) Pe-Po

Annuals 2015 (4 Inch) Po-Vi